Tips Of Shower Sex Positions

  • Tabletop:- tabletop position is a little hard to achieve but is a safer and seductive sex position that latina massage las vegas recommend to use during shower sex and it will give you proper penetration with wide open legs and a resting position o enjoy sex without any problem of balancing on a wet floor.
  • Standing Oral sex:- Standing oral sex is also recommended by the escort. Enjoying oral sex in a standing shower position while cuddling, teasing, rubbing, and playing with each other will give you a good sexual arousal and orgasmic enjoyment.
  • Ballet dancer:-for a standing position, backpage latinas recommend ballet dancer, your partner pulls your leg from one side to penetrate while holding you from back with other hands. This position will give pleasure to both partners and as your hands remain free you can wrap them around your partner to get better support and balance.
  • Cork Screw:-Escorts recommend corkscrew position for lying down sex in the shower. In this position, you lie down on a bench or a thick side of a bathtub on one side while your partner penetrates from behind. For more pleasure, you can keep your thighs tighter for a better feel.
  • Upstanding wall press:- upstanding sex position is the best and most recommend sex position by all the backpage latinas. In this position, with your back pressed against the wall, your partner penetrates your vagina while cuddling you in a standing position.

Using these sex positions recommended by the escorts, your shower sex will be safer and pleasurable.

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