Morning Sex Tips


Morning sex provides a great way to start a day. Basically, sex should not be a nighttime activity all the time. When you have sex first thing in the morning, you start your day with the right mood. It’s like putting a spring in your first step. If you don’t have a partner yet, you can try it out with a female escorts. Simply book your dream companion and let her know what exactly you are looking for. Here are tips to help you enjoy an awesome morning sex.

Give Your Partner a Sexy Wakeup Call

Prepare for a morning sex before sleeping. For instance, set the alarm to wake you up with soft, romantic music. Once the music arouses you, slip of the pajamas. While your partner lies on his back, start your moves by placing hands on the thighs and thumbs towards the genitals. Move the thumb in a firm but slow circular motion. Rub the thin-skinned part of your partner to have the blood flow to the nether regions. This will get him ready for morning sex immediately.

Get Fresh

To have the best morning sex with your partner, sneak off to the bathroom and brush teeth before going back to bed. This will make your kiss minty while menthol from the toothpaste will provide a tingly thrill as you have oral sex. Menthol effects may take time to manifest but you will be pleased when the trick starts working.
Enjoy the Amazing View

One thing that makes morning sex amazing is the fact that you can enjoy the view of your partner. Basically, light of the day means there is no place to hide flaws. You enjoy seeing any part of your partner’s body without hindrances. So, throw away the blankets and enjoy the visual thrill of your partner. The experience will be amazing if you took time to choose the best companion to book or have a woman with a stunning feminine figure as a wife or girlfriend.

Reap the Benefits of Nature

A man’s body is wired in a way that makes it want sex in the morning. While sleeping, the testosterone to be used during the day tends to accumulate. Therefore, from the moment a man wakes up, he has up to three hours when the testosterone in his body is brimming at its peak level. Therefore, take advantage of this time to enjoy sex the way you’ve never enjoyed it.

Morning sex with your spouse or eros escorts can be amazing when you try these tips. Your body is full of energy and you are not stressed at this time. So, take advantage of this time to enjoy the most satisfying sex with your partner.

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